We are currently in the process of developing version 2.0 of the Adafruit IO REST API, which should address a large portion of user requests. The current version of the REST API (v1.0) will still be available at io.adafruit.com/api/v1/.

Here are some of the highlights (not including bug fixes):


  • New permission system that will allow for sharing read and write access to your feeds, groups, & dashboards with other users.
  • New AWS inspired HTTP request signing to help avoid exposing the user’s AIO key over insecure connections.
  • Dashboards, blocks, & triggers will be able to be modified via the REST API.


  • Username will be a required component of the URL.
  • You will no longer be able to access feeds & groups via numeric ID. Feed key & group keys will be used as the unique identifier in API v2.
  • Feeds will be able to be added to many groups, and the feed’s data will be namespaced to the group the data is pushed to. You will also be able to access all of the feed’s data by accessing the feed directly.