IO Plus, The Adafruit IO Subscription Plan

COMING SOON After a long time in beta testing mode, IO is getting a subscription plan, IO Plus! It’s been in our minds since we started this project a few years ago and “How can I get more feeds?” has been the most frequent and persistent question from people using and interested in IO, which is GREAT! The good news is that we finally have an answer for you. Say hello to IO+!

Say hello to IO+

Here is what’s coming (we have not decided on a date yet!):

  1. For a flat $10 per month, you can subscribe to IO+ and get unlimited feeds, unlimited dashboards, and two months of data storage.
  2. We will always continue to provide a free plan, but for new subscribers, the free plan will be limited to 5 feeds and everyone on the free plan will be limited to 30 new data points per minute.
  3. As a thank you to everyone who’s been with us this far, we’re giving away three months of IO+ free when you subscribe1. You won’t pay anything unless you keep your subscription after the third month. Additionally, if you have more than 5 feeds when we move to the new account limits, you can keep the extras2.
  4. No more “Beta” ;)

It’s always been our goal with Adafruit IO to make the best designed Internet of Things platform for makers of all ages and skill levels. We want it to work well with the connected devices and kits we sell and we built it with an open API to make sure it can work with any device that can speak HTTP or MQTT. Additionally, as a business, we need a way to make the service self-sustaining financially, without making it inaccessible to the makers we are trying to serve.

IO+ will provide more functionality at a single flat rate to the people who need it while our continuing free plan will let anyone build a project on IO, whether it’s their first time working with the Internet of Things or their hundredth.

We will keep standing up for everything we’ve said before in our Internet of Things Bill of Rights, whether you’re using IO+ or IO Free. Our platform is built on open technologies and you control your clients and devices. You own your data and you will always be able to decide what is public and what is private. We want to keep building a system that is easier to use for good and harder to use maliciously. We hope you’ll join us!

So that’s the big news, IO+ is coming in the beginning of October. If all goes as planned, it will be available Monday, October 2. Please stop by the IO Forum or our Discord chat server to ask questions or communicate with us. We’d love to hear from you.

Other changes

We’ll also be launching some changes to the IO interface to clean up navigation and make sure you know what’s up with your plan. Since those changes will go live with the IO+ launch, here are some screenshots to give you a preview:

New landing page

An updated landing page. Way more information and an attractive new design.

New site navigation

We’ve cleaned up the site navigation and made it easier to tell when you’re looking at Adafruit IO and not

New feeds page

All Feeds and Groups are now on a single page. This should make it easier to see how Groups and Feeds are related, and also easier to manage them.

New user profile page

A new account profile page. This one is going to see more work in the coming months, but for now it’s the one-stop screen to see which plan you’re running and to get access to your account settings.

Updated account data download

The account download feature has been rebuilt to be more robust and reliable. (this feature has already launched)

There will, of course, be design tweaks as we get closer to launch and we’re always working on the site, so small things will continue to get better.

That’s all … for now!

We’re still hard at work on IO and there’s lots more to come. If you’re already using Adafruit IO, thank you for continuing on this journey with us, and if you haven’t yet signed up, now is a great time :D

1: The “IO Beta Thank You” coupon is for any user who has had an account since before September 1, 2017 and will be applied automatically at checkout.

2: If you keep your free account after IO+ launches, we’re not going to delete your feeds, but you won’t be able to create new feeds if you already have more than 5, the IO Free plan limit. If you choose to subscribe to IO+ and then cancel, however, your feeds will be dropped back down to 5 after your subscription ends but you will have plenty of time to download all your data before that happens.

We’ll continue to clarify details as we get closer to launching and if you have any questions please stop by the forums and get in touch.

Just remember this is coming soon, we have not set a date yet 🙂