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The Adafruit IO team is in the middle of building out a shiny new API documentation website. While updating a website for documentation doesn’t sound exciting - we have a feeling you’ll like what’s coming soon. While our current API documentation is functional, we’ve been brainstorming ideas to make it better and easier-to-use.

Here’s a small list of the features we’re planning on adding: * Easy to Contribute to: While our pre-existing API is public on GitHub, it is not the easiest to contribute to (the v2 HTTP API sits at just over 4000 lines of JSON). The new documentation will be easier to contribute to - it’s all in everyone’s favorite formatting syntax - Markdown! * You can access Adafruit IO’s API over either MQTT or HTTP - we’re adding dedicated documentation pages for both the MQTT and the HTTP APIs. * Writing some code and not sure how to get the last known data value of your feed? Don’t want to read through lines of example code - just need the code? We’ll be including code-snippets for CuRL, Arduino CPP, Python, CircuitPython, and Ruby.

Are you excited for the next version of the Adafruit IO API Documentation? Have features or suggestions to propose? Post up on the forum topic for this here or leave a comment below!

Join us in the forum or on Discord in the adafruit-io channel with questions, comments, or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!