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Adafruit IO has made its way into the Awesome List! Awesome provides lists about all kinds of interesting topics, and Adafruit IO is now a part of to the Awesome master list!

AirLift FeatherWing – ESP32 WiFi Co-Processor

Our new AirLift FeatherWing connects your Feather-based project to the Internet! It’s easy to use the Adafruit AirLift breakout with CircuitPython and the Adafruit CircuitPython ESP32SPI module, or Arduino and the WiFiNINA library. If you have any feather-compatible board, adding a FeatherWing is a snap! Check out the learning system guide for this board to learn more…

M5Stack Basic Core IoT Development Kit - ESP32 Dev Board

The M5Stack Basic Development Kit is a ESP32-based WiFi microcontroller that’s compatible with MicroPython and Arduino. It comes jam-packed with WiFi / Bluetooth capability, running at 240 MHz with the dual-core processor and 4MB of SPI Flash. This kit is perfect for people who want to make advanced ESP32 projects with a display, user interface, speaker, and a couple buttons. It’s super easy to snap in other M5 blocks to add sensors, interfaces or cameras, no soldering required. Sounds like the right board for you? Pick one up from Adafruit!

GUIDE UPDATE: Welcome to Adafruit IO

We’ve updated our Welcome to Adafruit IO Guide to include information about Adafruit’s latest WiFi AirLift hardware and details about connecting your CircuitPython project to Adafruit IO. We’ve also added links to our new, hosted Adafruit IO MQTT and REST API documentation pages. Read the guide on the Adafruit Learning System here…

IoT Projects

Summer is coming, build an AQO (Air Quality Object) to notify you when the air around you is stale. The Air Quality Object changes color depending on air CO2 content. It’s meant to be a beautiful object which also passively displays information about the surroundings. It makes a normally invisible flow visible, so you can open a window when your air is getting stale - GitHub

In a long-distance relationship? Want to share your feelings with a loved one who is not physically close to you? Techiesms on YouTube has a 2-part video series about building an Internet-connected love pendant. The first part covers their motivation behind the project and the second video explains the technical side of the build - Youtube

Where is the International Space Station right now? Well, wherever it is, it won’t be there for long. The ISS is always on the move and doing so very quickly. Build an ISS Tracker using a PyPortal to display the current location of the ISS by following this guide - you’ll learn how to parse an API using a PyPortal. Read the learning guide on the Adafruit Learning System here…

Evaluating IoT cloud platforms can be difficult, and often requires buying separate hardware to connect with each platform. Avilmaru wrote a guide for using the Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 with both the Arduino IOT Cloud and our Adafruit IO service - Arduino Create

Keep forgetting to water your plants? Want to monitor the ambient temperature of your the room your plant is located in from across the world? In this guide, you will build an Internet-enabled plant monitoring display by combining Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub and CircuitPython! Using Azure with your CircuitPython IoT projects allows you to rapidly prototype (and even mass-prototype) advanced Internet-of-Things devices and connect them to Microsoft Azure services - Read the guide on the Adafruit Learning System.

Working on an Adafruit IO Project? Tell us about it!

Are you working on a project which uses Adafruit IO? Add the #adafruitio hashtag to your tweets, join our Discord channel (, #help-with-adafruit-io), or join the SHOW-AND-TELL every Wednesday night at 7:30pm ET on Google+ Hangouts.

Around the Internet - IoT News and Shortlinks

Espressif announced a new ESP32! It’s an ESP32-S2 with USB support and 40 GPIOs along with capacitive touch IOs and peripheral support. It does drop a core, running a Xtensa single-core 32-bit LX7 microcontroller instead of a dual-core LX6 like the ESP32. - Espressif Blog

Improving the safety of the food you eat with IoT - EETimes

Reverse engineering a not-so-secure IoT Device - MCUOneEclipse The IoT cult classic

Little Printer is back with a new app, webhooks, open-source software and more! - nordprojects

Azure IoT CircuitPython module released; do more advanced projects with CircuitPython - GitHub Bill Schweber wonders Whatever Happened to the Hardware On-Off switches? - EETimes

What is Adafruit.IO?

Want to make your project talk to the Internet? Connect your existing project to the Internet to log, stream, and interact with the data it produces? What about all this Internet-of-Things (IoT) stuff?

Adafruit IO is a platform designed (by us!) to display, respond, and interact with your project’s data. We also keep your data private (data feeds are private by default) and secure (we will never sell or give this data away to another company) for you. It’s the internet of things - for everyone! has over 14,000+ active users in the last 30 days and over 750+ Adafruit IO Plus subscribers. Sign up for Adafruit IO (for free!) by clicking this link.

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