Adafruit IOT Updates

Adafruit IO Update: New User Interface!

We’ve updated the Adafruit IO user interface to match recent changes on the Adafruit website and the Adafruit Learning System. Here’s a shortlist of changes:

  • New User Interface!
  • Reorganized menus
  • Quick links to access your data faster
  • New footer - the footer from was moved over. The new footer includes links to API documentation, forums, and the support page.

This is a pretty big update to the IO user interface, one that we hope makes it quicker to get around and easier to find what you’re looking for. Please stop by our channel on the Adafruit Discord server and reach out if you have any questions!

Read the full changelog with screenshots!.

New IoT LoRaWAN Hardware: The Things Indoor Gateway!

Meet the affordable 8 Channel LoRa gateway from TTN, The Things Indoor Gateway! Simple name for a straight-to-the point product. It’s the new low cost, indoor multi-channel LoRaWAN gateway designed by The Things Network, so you know it will work perfectly with TTN. Make a free account, plug it in, follow the easy step-by-step installation instructions and you’ve got yourself a LoRaWAN to Internet gateway in under 5 minutes. No setup or usage fees.

Visit the product page to learn more.

New IoT Hardware: M5Stick-C Pico

Jam-packed with a Wi-Fi & Bluetooth powered ESP32, USB interface, Li-Poly battery and charge circuitry, 0.96” color TFT display, various sensors (IR transmitter, microphone, 6-DoF IMU sensor) all integrated inside, buttons, and more! You can plug Grove sensors into one end, or use the 0.1” header sockets on the other, to connect additional sensors or actuators. It’s perfect for making ultra-small IoT projects or wearables.

Visit the product page to learn more…

IoT Projects

Stream Deck controlled RGB Message Panel using Adafruit IO

Easily display status messages with a Stream Deck and an RGB Matrix Panel.

This project uses a custom Stream Deck plugin to communicate directly with the Adafruit IO REST API. It works by posting a specific value to a feed and each button will post a different value to the feed allowing you to easily change messages.

Read the guide on the Adafruit Learning System here.

PyPortal Daily UV Index Display

UV is what gives you vitamin D and a tan… and a sunburn… and, well, skin cancer. It’s a case of a little being ok but too much being pretty bad. Like bacon. You can now check the UV index at a glance on your PyPortal.

Read the guide on the Adafruit Learning System here.

PyPortal IoT Plant Monitor with Google Cloud IoT Core and CircuitPython

Turn your black thumb into a green thumb by building an internet-enabled plant monitoring system by combining Google Cloud IoT Core with CircuitPython.

Read the guide on the Adafruit Learning System here.

Consumers Should Immediately - a live feed of recalled product info on a boot

Named “Consumers Should Immediately…“, it displays a live data feed from The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC) to randomly display thousands of products recalled for reasons such as fire, electrocution, entrapment, choking and a variety of other unintended dangers. -

3D Printed LoRA Remote


This is meant to be a simple remote control for LoRa-based robotics projects. It runs CircuitPython

Live Train Station Departure Sign for your Desk

Build your own UK train station platform departure display (next train indicator) with live data using a Raspberry Pi Zero, OLED display and 3D printed case - a cool (and practical!) desktop gadget -

Around the Internet - IoT News & Links

Ludzinc has been building a IoT Garage Door Opener since 2013, and blogged about Easier ESP development (learn from their four years of frustration). It’s an incredibly comprehensive post discussing everything from websockets to selecting proper hardware.

The OpenHAK is an open-source fitness tracker which can count your steps and measure your heart rate. Step counting is done by a Bosch BMI160, and the heart rate sensing is done with a Maxim MAX30101. The whole thing is driven and built around a Simblee BLE radio module.

Officially build an Alexa Gadget with your Raspberry Pi to control a RGB LED - Alexa on GitHub

Pwavrobot is building a dual esp32 feather-format board, just for fun.

Icarus, a new IoT Board with the latest nRF91 integrates GPS and Cellular (LTE-M, MB-IoT) - Actinius

The Next Wave of IoT Bluetooth devices might not have batteries thanks to Bluetooth 5 and Energy Harvesting - EETimes

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