IoT Projects

How I Made My Heating Smart without Damaging or Replacing Anything

Smart Heating

Andy Bradford has been wanting to upgrade their home’s heating system for a some time – but their house is rented. Damaging the house would cause them to lose their security deposit, “so the whole system must do no damage, be made only of removable parts and be installed without modifying any of the existing infrastructure.” -

Temper, a compact temperature sensor based on ESP8266 and SHT30


Temper is a compact, low power temperature (~30-40uA) sensor based on an ESP8266 and SHT30, with a large 13x7 pixel LED display. - GitHub

Adafruit CLUE-based Bike-Mountable Computer

Clue Bike

The Adafruit Clue is “the bike-mountable commuter computer [Jose Castillo] has always dreamed of”. - @josecastillo

MicroPython-powered Lightbulb

UPy Bulb

MicroPython on an ESP8266-based smart-bulb. Instead of a interacting with the bulb using a proprietary app, @goatchurch is running a MQTT client on the ESP8266 and an MQTT broker on their computer. - @goatchurch on Twitter

BLE Cheerlights

BLE Cheerlights

Using an AirLift FeatherWing to get the current cheerlights color, then advertising the color over BLE to an ItsyBitsy nRF52840 and a Circuit Playground Bluefruit. CircuitPython code is available on GitHub . - @DavidGlaude

Control Home Appliances with Google Assistant and Adafruit IO

AIO Google Assistant

Techmirtz is controlling a 60W (not smart!) bulb using the Google Assistant voice-based command service. Adafruit IO, our free IoT service, has built-in integration with services like IFTTT. -

Building an ESP32-CAM Video Surveillance Robot

ESP32-CAM Robot

konsdor has designed and built a video surveillance robot, powered by the ESP32-CAM microcontroller board. The robot may be controlled by the operator over the internet, as the board has WiFi networking built-in. -

PyPortal Planter with Adafruit IO

Pet Planter

Build a smart planter with an Adafruit PyPortal and CircuitPython. Monitor your plants vitals with an Adafruit STEMMA Soil Sensor and plot moisture and temperature data. Use Adafruit IO to create a visual dashboard with gauges of your plants water levels. - Adafruit Learning System

IoT Cloud Enabled Alarm Clock

IoT Cloud Alarm Clock

Teaching a mid-2000’s clock some new tricks. MoritzDornseifer updated a Tivoli Audio radio clock to be set by the internet. They’ve redesigned the clock assembly and updated the hardware to run on a Arduino Nano 33 IoT. The alarm can be set via the snooze button and configured via the Arduino IoT Cloud Dashboard. -

How to Build a Hack-Proof Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

Pete Lewis built a new twist on an IoT garage door opener. He added an ATECC508A crypto co-processor board to provide end-to-end encryption when opening the door to his garage. - IEEE Spectrum

Internet-Connected Conference Badge

Cloud Badge

Codensolder built a CloudBadge conference badge with the PyBadge, an internet-connected conference badge which communicates with Adafruit IO over MQTT. While the PyBadge doesn’t have built-in WiFi, codensolder attached an AirLift WiFi FeatherWing to the PyBadge’s Feather headers to add WiFi, all coded in CircuitPython. - CloudBadge on GitHub

IoT News and More!

A CEO’s Experience During the nCoV Crisis

Espressif CEO

Espressif is a company with their main offices in China. The recent nCoV virus outbreak has affected them, but they’ve taken some precautionary measures, such as working from home and having multiple offices outside of China. Espressif’s CEO Teo Swee Ann published two articles about running the company during this outbreak. - Part I: Safety First, and Part II: On the Ground.

The Internet of Things is Sending Us Back to the Middle Ages

IoT Middle Ages

Joshua A.T. Fairfield discusses “the new digital serfdom” as we purchase more internet-enabled devices controlled by advertisers and large companies. - The Conversation, Pocket

Arduino IoT Cloud Gets a New Dashboard with Historical Data Import, Greater Customization, and More

IoT Cloud Arduino

Arduino’s IoT Cloud was updated with a shiny new dashboard which can import and display historical data from multiple devices. -

Raspberry Pi 4 v1.2 Fixes USP-C Power Delivery

Pi 4 Rev 1.2

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released a new revision of the Raspberry Pi 4 (identified by a c03112 model number) which fixes an identified issue with USB-C power delivery. - CNX-Software

The Things Industries launches a Global Join Server to push secure LoRaWAN provisioning practices

TTN Global Join Server

The Things Industries announced the launch of a Global Join Server which allows activation of any LoRa network, anywhere in the world, as long as it uses LoRa standard interfaces. This new ecosystem’s role is to “store root keys, generate session keys, and send them securely to the network and application servers”. This new model replaces the need for manufacturers to generate secure keys. - Things Industries via LinkedIn Pulse

Bluetera II, a full-stack dev board that uses protocol buffers

BlueTerra II

BlueTerra II is an open-source IoT development board which supports Google’s Protobuf and motion algorithms. This tiny board has “everything. From hardware to firmware to the software running on your mobile device or PC is strictly open-source”. They’re using a Madgwick-based motion fusion algorithm which is also open source, as opposed to other fusion algorithms supported by similar development boards. - CrowdSupply.

Adafruit IO Stats and more!

AIO Stats

Adafruit IO has 311,441 total users! Here are the interesting stats from the last 30 days:

  • USERS ACTIVE (30 days): 16,831
  • TOTAL FEEDS: 458,270
  • FEEDS CREATED (last 30 days): 21,985
  • There are about 4,200+ MQTT connections active 24/7.

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