IoT Projects

CO2 Cuckoo Clock


Andreas Spiess published a video building a unique CO2 sensor design. He presents a case why eCO2 sensors may not always be a good idea for an environmental sensing project and builds a cuckoo clock to detect aerosols. - YouTube

IoT Twitter Listener Party Parrot


Throw a party every time someone sends you a tweet. This project uses the Twitter API v2 to query tweets and displays them as a sprite animation on a RGB LED Matrix. - Adafruit Learning System

Irrigator: Smart Sprinkler Controller


This smart sprinkler controller allows you to setup your own custom sprinkler system using a Raspbery Pi, a 4+ channel relay, and 24V AC Power Supply. If you have an existing sprinkler controller, it’s likely you can swap in this project relatively easily, utilizing the existing power supply - Github

IoT Air Quality Sensor with Adafruit IO


Breathe easy, knowing that you can track and sense the quality of the air (and environment!) around you with an IoT Air Quality Sensor. This sensor measures PM2.5 (particles that are 2.5 microns or smaller in diameter) dust concentrations, temperature and humidity - Adafruit Learning System



WaterAid is an affordable DIY IoT smart water quality monitoring device which allows scientists and authorities to identify polluted bodies of water -

Smart Ping Pong LED Lamp


This LED lamp is a quick project that can be done within a day. Only a few cheap components are needed to create a nice looking ambient lamp. No programming is needed, the WLED firmware is uploaded to a microcontroller via a simple tool - Youtube

IoT News and More!

Threat modeling your IoT Projects


While building a pollution-monitor, @dcuthbert wrote an excellent twitter thread about threat modeling their IoT sensor - Twitter


Tearing down an inexpensive LED filament WiFi bulb - ElectroBob

NEW IoT Hardware: Adafruit Metro ESP32-S2


The first Adafruit board using the new ESP32-S2 240MHz Tensilica processor is out! This board is perfect for adding low-cost WiFi to your CircuitPython (with Native USB) or Arduino projects.

Check out the ESP32S2 in the Adafruit Shop

NEW IoT Hardware: FeatherS2


The full-featured ESP32-S2 based development board in a Feather format from Unexpected Maker. The FeatherS2 is a power house, fully souped up with 16 MB of Flash memory (for firmware and file storage) and 8 MB of QSPI-based external PSRAM so you can have massive storage buffers.

Check out the FeatherS2 in the Adafruit Shop

Adafruit IO

Adafruit IO Wippersnapper


We’re working on a new way for you to interact with Adafruit IO called Wippersnapper. While Wippersnapper is not public (yet!), we’ll be sharing details, features, development progress and updates every Wednesday on the Adafruit Blog as we work on this new service.

Adafruit IO Stats


Adafruit IO has 353,825 total users! Here are the interesting stats from the last 30 days:

  • Total Feeds: 562,833 (and counting!).
  • There are over 201,06 feeds online as of time of writing (October 29, 2020).
  • There are an average of 7,500+ MQTT connections active 24/7.

Sign up for Adafruit IO (for free!) by clicking this link. Ready to upgrade? Click here to read more about Adafruit IO+, our subscription-based service. We don’t have investors and we’re not going to sell your data. When you sign up for Adafruit IO+, you’re supporting the same Adafruit Industries whose hardware and software you already know and love! You help make sure we’re not going anywhere by letting us know we’re on the right track.