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Thanks to everyone reading this newsletter. We’re excited to have hit over 3,000 subscribers! We started this newsletter in May 2019 to highlight the latest projects and news for Adafruit’s IoT platform, Adafruit IO (io.adafruit.com). Since then, we’ve expanded this newsletter to not only focus on our offerings, but also include the best internet of things projects, news, and hardware from around the internet. Since then, we’ve published 29 issues - Adafruit Blog.

Our Favorite IoT Projects in 2020

We’ve dug into archives and sifted through everything published in 2020. Here are a few of our favorite projects from the 2020 IoT Monthly newsletter.

How to Pull your Own Covid-19 Data


We saw a large amount of IoT projects which track Covid-19 numbers, from the case count to amount of vaccines administered. HackADay published a guide back in April for scraping raw data about COVID19 from multiple data sources. If you’re building a way to monitor the total number of cases in your state or country, this guide provides reputable data sources along with Python code snippets - HackADay.

ISS-Tracking Globe Lamp


A 3D printed globe which uses a servo and laser-pointer to display where on Earth the International Space Station is hovering over - Instructables.

The Internet Monster


A cute monster which repeats what the Internet says. What could possibly go wrong? - Instructables.

Connected Weather Cloud Lamp


This is a fun project that plays with how to visualize information using only light and sound. What better way to have some fun with this than to make an Internet connected cloud that connects to an open source weather API? - Adafruit.

PyPortal Home Office Busy Display


Diana Perkins (@diana_perkins) built a display using a PyPortal to show when someone in their home offices is busy. It’s controlled using a “rails app running on a machine on our local network so we can trigger it even if we already sat down for a meeting” - Twitter.



UnifiedWater is an affordable DIY IoT smart water quality monitoring device which allows scientists and authorities to identify polluted bodies of water - Hackaday.io.

Designing a LoRaWAN Monitored Garden


czuvich on the Adafruit Forums demonstrates their Greenclay LoRaWAN Smart Garden project. It is able to monitor and manage an outdoor garden using LoRaWAN with an Arduino programmed microcontroller. It is a complete package which includes a dev kit, garden controller, and mobile app - Adafruit Forums.

Adafruit IO Stats


Adafruit IO has over 367,000 total users! Here are the interesting stats from the last 30 days:

  • Total Feeds: 589,324 (and counting!).
  • There are over 19,000 feeds online as of time of writing (Dec. 28, 2020).
  • There are an average of 4,800+ MQTT connections active 24/7.

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