IoT Projects

Adafruit Wippersnapper Beta Launches!


WipperSnapper is an interface for Adafruit IO, our incredibly easy-to-use IoT platform, designed to turn any WiFi-capable board into an IoT device without programming a single line of code.

WipperSnapper is now in Public Beta, you can get started with WipperSnapper by visiting

Over Engineered Smart Doorbell with Machine Learning


Instead of picking up a Ring doorbell, Victor Sonck created a machine-learning system to detect when his doorbell rings. - HackADay

Building an IoT Product — Continuous Battery Lifetime Testing


One of the key features of an internet-of-things device is its power consumption. Matthias Boesl of tado details his team’s journey integrating battery-life testing into their product’s CI/CD pipeline. - Medium

Buddy - Personal Home Office Assistant


Buddy is a hardware platform built around the M5Stack Core 2 which connects to a mobile app. The app “runs an algorithm to calculate productivity considering temperature, humidity, light and, IAQ” and re-calculates the productivity percentage as you re-arrange your home office environment. -

IoT News and More!

Beaming broadband across the Congo River


Alphabet’s X Company is transmitting broadband using an optical link between Brazzaville in the Republic of the Congo and Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The optical link uses beams of light to send data over a river at up to 20 Gbps. - X.Company

A Horse-based Internet Speed Test


In an attempt to illustrate the contrasting internet speeds in Germany, reporters ran an experiment to see if data delivered via horse would arrive faster than over broadband. - HackADay

Silicon Labs ‘Works With’ Announcements


Silicon Labs held a “Works With” event last month to introduce new capabilities including new systems-on-chips operating in the sub-gigahertz spectrum, a unified SDK for their product line, and a new custom manufacturing service to enhance the security of modules from the foundry. - EETimes

Home Assistant’s Amber is a unified Smart Hub for your home


Home Assistant is crowdfunding for their Amber Smart Home Hub. Amber is a device that can be used to get started using Home Assistant without fussing with buying a single-board computer and installing software. Onboard is a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 and Zigbee module which is compatible with the upcoming Matter IoT standard. - CrowdSupply

On the economic impact of Open Source Software and Hardware on the EU economy


The European Commission concluded a study which considered “if OSH is to follow the same development as OSS, it could constitute a cornerstone of the future Internet of Things (IoT)”. Their study listed relevant policy improvements to support a the EU economy gaining a competitive edge on the software and hardware industries. - Adafruit Blog, the IoT Platform for Everyone

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