IoT Projects

Grafana Data Source for The Things Network


A method for streaming LoRaWAN sensor data from The Things Network to Grafana, an open-source data visualization tool. - Lupyuen on GitHub

Tracking a Turtle’s Day with WipperSnapper


Using an Adafruit Funhouse and a PIR motion sensor, this fun project tracks the movement of Cujo the turtle. Then it analyzes and visualizes the data gathered. - Adafruit Learning System

Determining When to Water your Plants with an Internet-Enabled Scale


Typically, IoT plant monitoring involves a resistive moisture sensor. Phidgeteer built a plant monitoring solution that monitors the water weight of the plant with an internet-connected scale. - Adafruit Blog

IoT Alarm Clock with Speech Synthesization


This alarm clock has a 3W speaker which can wake you up by playing audio from a text to speech synthesizer, an internet radio station, or local news. - Instructables

No-Code WipperSnapper Water Detection


Setting up a water sensor inside Adafruit’s factory to prevent water damage from the massive AC units. - Adafruit Learning System

Connecting a Miffy bunny to the Internet of Things with MicroPython, ESP8266, and MQTT


Jesse Andrews posts about hacking a Miffy bunny lamp from Japan with NeoPixels and a web server. - Adafruit Blog

IoT News and More!

Resurrecting the Nabaztag IoT Bunnies from 2005


The Nabaztag bunny released in 2005 could display ambient information from the internet. Unfortunately, “Violet closed down and Nabaztag was bought out by Mindscape then Aldebaran Robotics and in 2015 the servers were shut down leaving the bunnies dead as a brick”. With a new refurbishment kit, powered by a Raspberry Pi, you can bring these IoT displays back to life. - Adafruit Blog

Staying data compliant in the IoT

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union brings a unique set of data privacy challenges to all internet-connected products. Ludovic Rembert offers a few suggestions to keep your products and projects data compliant. - Embedded

More Satellite IoT Deployments


With SpaceX leading the way, a large number of IoT providers are launching satellites into space. - staceyoniot

NEW HARDWARE: Realtek RTL8722 Ameba Mini Board


Ameba RTL8722DM Mini Board (AMB 23) is a devkit for a different family of WiFi/BLE-integrated chipsets from RealTek. Some notable specs - high-performance 32-bit dual MCU, 5GHz WiFi, BLE5, and rich I/O peripherals. - Adafruit Store

NEW HARDWARE: Newt – a low-power, open-source, 2.7-inch IoT display


Newt is a battery-powered, always-on, wall-mountable display that can go online to retrieve weather, calendars, sports scores, to-do lists, quotes…really anything on the Internet! - Adafruit Blog

NEW HARDWARE: Nordic and Nowi Thingy:91 NH2, an Energy Harvesting Sensor Node


The NH2 is a sensor node development platform that combines Nordic’s Thing:91 with Nowi’s NH2 Energy Harvesting PMIC. - Nowi Energy, the IoT Platform for Everyone

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