IoT Projects

Monitoring the 21st Century Henhouse


James Bowman posts about successfully automating reading the status of a chicken coop. It uses a Raspberry Pi Pico doing perform sensing, with a 915 MHz Lora module to transmit the status back to the base. It’s powered by the coop’s 12V battery via a 5V linear regulator. - Adafruit Blog

Internet of Things Mood Tracker for School or Work


How are you doing? That’s sort of the idea behind this project that helps track the overall mood of a cohort of students. - Adafruit Blog

IoT Project Ideas for COVID-19 Prevention


Umwelt-Caompus Birkenfeld has been building up a large number of projects revolving around CO2 measuring devices for classrooms. Even after the pandemic, CO2 visualization leads to targeted ventilation in classrooms which reduces a student’s fatigue. - umwelt-campus, Note: This website is in German, you may need to use Google Translate

Hot Tub Water Quality Monitoring


Building a water quality monitoring system for a hot tub. The hot tub’s water quality can be measured on an online dashboard and send SMS texts for chlorine emergencies. - Hackster

Plush IoT Birthday Reminder Lamp


Charvi Shrimali created an internet-connected cupcake lamp “that receives data from my calendar and lights up, reminding me to not forget my friends in the madness of grad school”. This plush lamp is stitched using polyfill and fabric and uses a combination of the Adafruit Feather HUZZAH ESP8266, Adafruit IO, and IFTTT Google Calendar applet. - Adafruit Blog

IoT News and More!

Espressif Matter Series


Matter is a new initiative of the Connectivity Standards Alliance and developed through collaboration amongst all the leaders of the IoT industry. Espressif has developed a series of 6 blog posts that detail the protocol. - Espressif

Samsung Upcycling Program to Enable Consumers to Repurpose Galaxy Smartphones Into IoT Smart Home Devices


I previously posted about Samsung’s upcycling program when it was announced as I’m interested in the concept of giving our outdated devices a “new life”. Samsung’s new SmartThings Labs app allows a person to reuse their Galaxy smartphone as sound or light sensor nodes, for use in a smart home. - Samsung Newsroom

Sigfox, HT Micron, and Nowi Tease an Energy-Harvesting IoT Module


Sigfox, a firm known for low-power-wide-area (LPWA) technology, is working with Nowi and HT Micron on a new energy harvesting IoT device. The device will reportedly extract “extracts power from ambient energy sources like light and vibration to charge a variety of energy storage elements such as a rechargeable battery or a capacitor.” - enterpriseiotinsights

Amazon expands Sidewalk with a new bridge


Amazon’s Sidewalk low-power wide-area network protocol has been running on echo devices for the past year. The Amazon Ring and Amazon Tile devices operate on the same bandwidth and connect to this network. In an effort to expand their Sidewalk network, Amazon introduced the “Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro by Ring”. This is an enterprise-grade LPWAN bridge designed to build a network of devices that operate on their Sidewalk ecosystem. - TechCrunch

Casually Chirping Into the World of LoRaWAN


Hackaday’s Maya Posch writes about the long-range wide area network (LoRaWAN) modulation technique which is becoming popular in IoT applications. - HackaDay

A Practical Approach To Attacking IoT Embedded Designs


An incredibly in-depth blog post from IOActive Labs about embedded IoT software hacking. - IOActive, the IoT Platform for Everyone

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