IoT Projects

Happy Birds - a Connected Bird Feeder


An internet-connected bird feeder with an ultrasonic sensor that snaps pictures of birds when they land for dinner. Data is sent to a mobile application named Happy Birds. - Instructables

Is My Boat Safe - An Arduino-Based Boat Monitor


This project monitors a riverboat parked at a marina. This IoT system has it all - geofencing (locational GPS) to prevent boat theft, an accelerometer for if someone crashes into the boat, alarms to track if the bilge is filling, fuel status, battery voltage, and more. - Arduino Create

Remote Temperature Sensor with Indoor Display


An outside temperature sensor’s value is displayed both on the internet and inside a home on a small OLED display. - whatimade

HTML5 and CSS parser and render pipeline on an ESP32


Rendering and parsing HTML5 + CSS on an ESP32 with the goal of displaying dynamically generated web content on a screen connected to the ESP32. - libwebsockets

Indoor air quality measurement with Adafruit Feather and Adafruit IO


Worried about your indoor air quality? tdw writes:

I was feeling poorly late this Summer and during that time, my wife made a comment about the quality of the air in our home. Since I wasn’t sleeping well during that period, it got me thinking that perhaps I should do a quick project to measure it. I did some research into various sensors, bought a few and set up a breadboard circuit that measured CO2, PM2.5, temperature, humidity and TVOC. I connected the thing to the IoT cloud and built a few dashboards to let me watch.

Solar Tracker based on ESP32 with low-cost actuators integrated on Home Assistant


Vini’s Lab was visiting their parents in Brazil when they noticed they used statically mounted solar panels. To improve the output of the solar panels, they used low-cost actuators to move the panels based on the time of the day. - HackADay

Raspberry Pi Smart Magic Mirror


A DIY smart mirror powered by the Raspberry Pi and the MagicMirror2 software to display weather, calendar appointments, and the NYC subway transit schedule. - Becky Stern

IoT News and More!

WipperSnapper Updates - No-Code IoT by Adafruit


The Adafruit IO team has been working on WipperSnapper, our no-code IoT platform which works with any WiFi-enabled device. If you haven’t tried it out yet - we added a few installation and usage guides for popular IoT hardware such as the Feather ESP32v2, Feather ESP32, and the Feather ESP8266. Additionally, we’ve added support for the MCP9601 thermocouple amplifier and a guide on how to add your own components to WipperSnapper.

NIST CyberSecurity for IoT Publications


NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, published some guidance documents and drafts which dive into IoT Device guidance for manufacturers and federal agencies looking to deploy IoT devices within their network., the IoT Platform for Everyone

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