IoT Projects

Smart Girder - a Structural Information Display


Lame_Dave’s Smart Girder project adds an enormous RGB LED matrix into a structural girder in their home. Using a combination of scripts including Home Assistant, the Smart Girder can display data such as train times, weather information, overhead flights, and their car’s battery level -

Using SDR to Monitor Tire Pressure on a 2008 Toyota Tacoma


With his 2008 Toyota Tacoma only giving him information that the tire pressure is low, Ross reverse-engineered the tire pressure monitoring sensors. He used a Software Defined Radio (SDR) dongle to listen in on the frequency broadcasted by the tire monitoring sensors. If you’re into reverse engineering radio packets, this is the write-up for you! - r-c-y

Pothole detector using Kria KV260


The Kria KV260 camera module is used in conjunction with machine learning models to identify and take pictures of potholes in India. If a pothole is identified, an image and the location of the pothole are transferred to the local repair authority. - Adafruit Blog

GSM & SMS Enabled AI-driven (TinyML) Water Pollution Monitor


A budget-friendly device for collecting water resources in the field and forecasting pollution levels using TinyML. - Adafruit Blog

LoRa Mesh Network of Birdhouses


Placing LoRa radios in birdhouses to build a low-cost emergency mesh network for communicating across town. - WARS-Birdhouse

Building Alerts for Household Water Leaks


Suhas Deshpande built a water leak detection (and alert) system using a Raspberry Pi and a water leak sensor. Their software setup consisted of using Courier to create custom alert thresholds and Twilio for SMS/Email notifications if a leak is detected. - Courier Blog

Build an IoT Thermometer with Adafruit IO WipperSnapper


Digi-Key built an IoT thermometer using Adafruit’s no-code IoT platform, WipperSnapper. The ESP8266-based development board communicates with a BME280 module via I2C, requests temperature and humidity data every 30 seconds, and uploads the measured values to Adafruit IO. - Digi-Key

IoT News and More!

Home Automation Company Insteon Abruptly Closes


The smart-home company, Insteon, vanished during the month of April. Ars Technica reports:

“The service has been down for three days now despite the company status page saying, “All Services Online.” The company forums are down, and no one is replying to users on social media.

Insteon devices are reported to work locally, however, the voice assistant features no longer work. Further - the application used to configure (or re-configure) the Insteon Hub or Insteon Automations no longer works.

Thankfully, Home Assistant - an Open Source Home Automation project, supports Insteon devices. A blog post details how to integrate Home Assistant with existing Insteon devices and previews a new hub within Home Assistant for Insteon devices.

Better IoT Design Patterns: Desired State vs. Actual State


Golioth’s Mike Szczys is writing a series entitled “Better IoT Design Patterns”. In this blog post, he addresses the problem of a remote device’s state not syncing with the state of a virtual device. - Golioth, the IoT Platform for Everyone

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