IoT Projects

eInk Postcard Frame


This digital picture frame with an e-Ink display allows friends to upload and share photos to the display via a web interface. The project’s creator notes, “a kind of slow, fancy and black and white Snapchat”. -

VR Spectrum Analyzer


A virtual reality interface for the spectrum analyzer software package, RTL-SDR. Considering most of our reader’s workbenches are full of diagnostic tools with small displays like oscilloscopes or multimeters, there’s a lot of potential in VR/AR tooling for engineering work. There’s a video on YouTube showing the tool in action. -

LoRa QWERTY Communicator


A “feature-packed” communication device for communicating text messages over the LoRa protocol. This project provides an alternative to cellular-based text message communication with low setup overhead. The editor especially likes the repurposing of a Blackberry Q10 keyboard. - GitHub

Plant Bot - Automated Plant Care


A “smart” gardening stake project that monitors and measures a plant’s moisture. Plants can be watered by pumps connected to the plant bot stake, too. -

Building A Smarter Sprinkler System


Chris moved into a home and the “existing sprinkler system controller turns on when it is not supposed to, and forgets everything whenever the power blips”. The completed project integrates into Chris’ existing home sprinkler system controller and he now manages the 24V system using Python. - cdake

IoT News and More!

S1 System On Module


Silicon Witchery announced their S1 “System on a Module” for Bluetooth, FPGA, and Battery Management. This “hybrid” module mixes 4 components which are traditionally separate on a development board, into one chip. The S1 contains a nRF52 for processing and Bluetooth 5.2 support, a flash module for boot-code and user storage, a iCE40 FPGA for additional GPIO/SPI/I2C peripherals, and a PMIC buck-boost for charging. - Silicon Witchery

ESP32uesday: ESP32 Family, GPIO and Adafruit_Protomatter


Adafruit’s Phil B writes about the journey to acquire a more profound knowledge of the Espressif ESP32 family. - Adafruit Blog, the IoT Platform for Everyone

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