IoT Projects

A Nautical Barometer for Precise Weather Forecasts


Debinix is a sailor who built a nautical barometer with environmental sensors to measure short-term changes in the weather, and also fetch long-term forecasts to display future weather on the sea. - instructables

Check your Mailbox with a fake Apple AirTag


Dakhnod developed FakeTag, a custom firmware for nRF51 chips that is compatible with Apple’s “Find My” ecosystem. With an nRF51 running FakeTag and a vibration sensor, dakhnod monitors if their mailbox has been opened. - GitHub

Building a Smarter Kitty Litter Tray


Andy Bradford‘s cat, Ellie, is hard to pick up and place on a scale. Unfortunately, this means that Ellie is weighed only once a year at the vet. He “wanted to build something that would fit into her life to track her weight automatically, without any intervention”. - Adafruit Blog

ESP32 TikTok Watch


A wearable device to stream TikTok videos to your wrist. - HackADay

LIDAR-based Letterbox Notifier


A mailbox notifier using a LIDAR distance sensor instead of the standard vibration sensor we usually see in these types of projects. - inspectmygadgets

Beehappy, an IoT Beehive


An internet-enabled beehive for beekeepers to track honey quantity, quality, and alerts for if the beehive was tampered with. - instructables

$10 Automated Blinds


An inexpensive automatic blind setup (around $10 per blind) that can be controlled automatically by the open-source Home Assistant software. -HackADay

Cellular-Enabled Power Outage Detector w/ SMS Notifications


Building a cellular power outage detector with Twilio and a Cellular Notecard from Blues Wireless. - Hackster

IoT News and More!

Raspberry Pi Pico W: $6 IoT platform


The brand-new Raspberry Pi Pico W features a powerful chip, the RP2040, and all the fixin’s to get started with IoT embedded electronics projects at a stress-free price of $6. - Adafruit Shop

ESP32-C5: Espressif’s first Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 MCU


Espressif announced the ESP32-C5, a dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) microcontroller with WiFi 6! - Espressif

Expired Certificate Causes German Card Payment Systems Outage


The Verifone H5000 had a security certificate stored on the card reader expire. While this hardware is no longer produced by Verifone, it is still in use across Germany. When building a device that connects to the internet, it’s important to consider how many years the certificates stored on the device are active for and provide a way to update them. - HackADay

Custom Web-Based UI for IoT devices with Golioth


Golioth published a blog about designing a custom, web-based UI project, using their firmware and web console. - Adafruit Blog, the IoT Platform for Everyone

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