IoT Projects

IoT Geiger Counter


With increasing discussions about nuclear war, g3gg0 felt “people got into thinking about radioactive exposure again”. However, most Geiger counters, a small instrument to detect radiation, available on the internet do not send their measurements to the internet. In the link, G3gg0 built their own internet-connected Geiger counter from start to end. - g3gg0

Machine Learning Hungry Baby Monitor


Caleb built a warning system for when his baby gets hungry. The baby monitor’s camera, interfaced with Google MediaPipe, can now detect behaviors like lip smacking, pacifier rejection, and fist rejection. - HackaDay

Tracking Satellites with a Low-Cost Base Station


Alberto Nunez built a base station for $40 capable of tracking satellites as they pass overhead. This project sends data to TinyGS, an “open network of Ground Stations distributed worldwide to receive and operate LoRa satellites, weather probes, and other flying objects. - HackaDay

Trials of Building an Internet-Enabled Vaccine Fridge


Charlie is building an internet-enabled fridge for a local veterinarian’s vaccine storage. The previous design used a Particle board and a cellular network to send a fridge’s configurable temperature reading to the internet. The latest post in this series attempts to “live the IoT dream” by connecting the fridge to an Arduino Opla and Arduino Cloud. -molecularist

IoT Pet Food Scale with Azure and CircuitPython


Liz Clark built a pet food scale using CircuitPython and a strain gauge. Measurements are sent to Microsoft Azure to ensure your pet doesn’t go hungry. - Adafruit Blog

LoRa Water Tank Level and Pump Controller


Renzo Mischianti is building a solar-powered controller for a water tank. This tank sits 1.5km away from home, with no power. The controller sends the water tank sensor readings over LoRa. The water pump activates when the tank’s water is too low. - HackaDay

A Simple Garage Door Opener with the Raspberry Pi Pico W


Core Electronics wired a garage door controller to the new Raspberry Pi Pico W. With some MicroPython code, the Pico W hosts its own web server which can be accessed to control the garage door. - core-electronics

IoT News and More!

Adafruit WipperSnapper - Updates & More!


The Adafruit IO team recently pushed a shiny new “getting started” experience for WipperSnapper that’s perfect for folks building their first IoT project. In addition to us blogging about the new onboarding process and design changes, we’ve also swept through existing product documentation to update the WipperSnapper firmware setup and Adafruit IO Usage process for each board.

Blecon - Network Infrastructure for BLE


BLEcon attempts to be the “missing network infrastructure for BLE” by using smartphones as Internet access points. - blecon