IoT Projects

No-Code IoT CO2 “Canary In a Coalmine”


Much like the canaries that were kept in coal mines to detect gases, this build uses a CO2 sensor to detect indoor air quality. When the air quality is poor, the bird will drop, until you open your windows and bring it back to life! - Adafruit Learning System

AQI Funnies


The “AQI Funnies” project by extrasleepy combines air quality readings from sensors with comic strips. The comic strip’s content changes depending on the day’s air quality index. - ExtraSleepy

FloWat - Sustainably Powered Water Flow Analyzer


A “sustainable way to analyze flow rates in irrigation pipes for agriculturists without needing to worry about changing the battery every day”. An F50 Hydroelectric Generator charges and powers the FloWat’s sensor node. Data about the water flow (in mL and Water flow per revolution) is logged to the internet over WiFi. - FloWat

Tiny LED WiFi Companion Cube


This tiny LED cube scrolls messages from the internet. - Adafruit Learning System

WiFi Mailbox Notifier


Inconsistent US Postal Service delivery times led Kattni towards building a notifier “that tells you when your mailbox has been opened.” - Adafruit Learning System

Water Detector with Home Assistant


Andres Leon’s indoor air conditioner’s condensation pipe clogged and caused a small flood. In lieu of purchasing an off-the-shelf solution, they “decided to spend an inordinate amount of time, money, and effort into creating a water alarm device.” If a flood is detected, their device emits a high-pitched alarm and sends an email and text message. The 2500mAh LiPO battery runs for about 2439 hours. - GitHub

Affordable Solar-Powered Weather Station


The fourth revision of Debasish Dutta’s weather station is designed to be placed in remote areas which lack data-driven weather predictions. The “Solar Powered WiFi Weather Station V4.0” is solar-powered and transmits data using a LoRa module to a base receiver. -

IoT News and More!

Community-led Flood Monitoring with NYC FloodNet and FieldKit


The FloodNet cooperative is a group of researchers and NYC agencies that seek to reduce the risk of flooding in NYC. FloodNet has collaborated with FieldKit and created an online portal to allow NYC residents to visualize flood data, submit feedback, and assess their flood risk. - FieldKit

Building Dynamic Grafana Dashboards


Golioth published a blog post about making Grafana IoT dashboards more dynamic. - Golioth Blog