IoT Projects

WiFi Jellyfish Lanterns with WLED


Create your own luminescent jellyfish out of iridescent vinyl and NeoPixel LEDs. Easily add endless light patterns with the free, and easy-to-use WLED software, with no coding required. You can even make multiple jellyfish and sync them up over your WiFi network. - Adafruit Learning System

Using Plumbing Valves as Heavy Duty Analog Inputs


Alistair Aitchison of Playful Technology shows how to repurpose plumbing valves for use as inexpensive, heavy-duty, analog inputs. - Arduino

ESP32 Thin Client


A DIY thin client with a tiny keyboard and a 320×240px touchscreen display. - HackaDay

No-Code IoT Soil Sensor


A soil stake that monitors plant vitals using Adafruit’s No-Code WipperSnapper firmware. - Adafruit Learning System

Pothole Detection with Sony Spresense Camera


A project that uses the Sony Spresense module to detect and log the GPS location of potholes. - Hackster

IoT News and More!

Matter 1.0 is finally finalized — so what’s next?


Matter, the latest smart home standard, opened for certification last month. Jennifer Tuohy writes about “what’s next” for this standard. - TheVerge

Home Assistant’s SkyConnect Dongle Offers Plug-and-Play Zigbee, Matter, and Soon Thread Support


SkyConnect, a $29.99 dongle designed to add Zigbee, Matter, and Thread support to a server running Home Assistant OS. - Hackster

Everything we know about the White House’s IoT security labeling effort


The White House is working towards a “national cybersecurity certification and labeling authority” for all electronics, including IoT devices. - arstechnica