IoT Projects

TurtleSense Disguises a Sensor Package as a Loggerhead Egg


Researchers hid an accelerometer in a fake turtle egg [a ping pong ball] to send data via SMS. With this data, people will be able to understand more about the nesting/hatching process and deploy effective protection for the turtles. - Adafruit Learning System

No-Code IoT Pool Monitor


You can build your own IoT Pool Monitor (without code!) using Adafruit IO and WipperSnapper. This can help you keep track of water temperatures by logging and plotting data to a dashboard! All of the electronics are housed in a clear sealed enclosure that is also water resistant. - Adafruit Learning System

Pico W HTTP Server with CircuitPython


Set up an HTTP (web) server with a Pico W running CircuitPython. HTTP servers are handy for creating custom web interfaces to monitor and control IoT projects. - Adafruit Learning System

BLE Soil Sensor


b-parasite is an open-source Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) soil moisture and ambient temperature/humidity/light sensor. - GitHub

Home Buttons


An open-source device for locally controlling your smart home. While this is a purchasable project, the technical overview on the build log is informative for anyone looking to build a smart panel. -

Circadian Lighting a Home


Light messes with Tyler’s head, so they built a way to auto-adjust the lights in their home according to circadian lighting. This is a self-hosted solution, replacing something which would be commercially offered by a vendor such as Philips. -

Turbidity Sensor


An open-source, low-cost, in-situ turbidity sensor for river network monitoring. Results and data from this sensor were published in Scientific Reports. - GitHub

Solar/Wind Power Self-Sustained IoT System


Research and attempts to use a renewable energy source (solar or wind) to power a sensor node. -

IoT News and More!

Make Noise with Adafruit IO WipperSnapper!


You can now connect analog output components such as Piezo buzzers and dimmable LEDs to a development board running Adafruit’s no-code IoT firmware, WipperSnapper. We’ve made it super easy to configure a PWM output component on a development board and immediately start using it. - Adafruit Blog

The HTTP crash course nobody asked for


A whirlwind tour of HTTP, with Rust! - fasterthanlime


SpaceX bought satellite data start-up Swarm, in a rare acquisition by Elon Musk’s space company over a year ago. SpaceX is now advertising Swarm satellite Internet of Things connectivity on its Starlink website, with IoT service at $5 per month. - Adafruit Blog