Editor’s Note

Hello readers! I hope you are warm and cozy, and reading this issue in the new year. This is the last newsletter I’ll be writing in 2022. This issue will read a little differently. Below, I’ll be listing my favorite things posted in the Adafruit IoT Monthly during 2022.

If you’re one of the 1,000+ new subscribers in 2022 - welcome! My name is Brent and I’m an engineer at Adafruit Industries who works on all sorts of things, including this newsletter. The IoT Monthly was previously known as the Adafruit.io newsletter and only contained news and projects about our Adafruit.io IoT Platform. In 2019, we expanded this newsletter to the broader topic of the Internet of Things. Unlike Adafruit’s other newsletters which are sent on a frequent basis, this newsletter is distributed only once a month, giving me time to gather information from across the ‘net and giving you time to breathe.

This past year, I’ve been working with the team on Adafruit’s IoT offerings. Specifically, I’ve been working on enhancing and improving Adafruit.io and WipperSnapper, our (beta) no-code IoT firmware. In a year, we’ve seen thousands of people try this platform out for the first time. We’ve added support for more I2C sensors, OneWire sensors, PWM outputs (such as buzzers, and switches), and even servos.

The WipperSnapper firmware is now more stable and we’ve redesigned the onboarding process to help folks create their connected electronics project even faster. We’ve also added platform support for the ESP32-C3, ESP8266, and Raspberry Pi RP2040. And there’s still more to come in 2023, including power-saving sleep modes, displays, new transport types, offline logging, more projects, increased board support, and increased component support.

Thank (over 5,000+ of) you for subscribing to this newsletter. Next month’s issue will return to regular programming.



p.s.: If you have any feedback about this newsletter, or want to submit something you’re working on, send an email to iotnews@adafruit.com.

Favorite 2022 Projects

TurtleSense Disguises a Sensor Package as a Loggerhead Egg


Whole-home circadian lighting


These beautiful WiFi jellyfish lanterns


A CO2 sensing canary


Comic Strips generated by the Air Quality Index


e-Ink postcard frame can receive images over-the-air


A nautical barometer for perfect forecasting


Water pollution monitor using AI/ML


Connected bird-feeder


Prototypes for future homes


This weather forecasting diorama


IoT henhouse