Hello IO community! We’ve released a new Power-Up to Adafruit IO that should be fun to use and is included with existing IO+ subscriptions (see below for location details).

Inbound Messaging Service

The inbound messaging feature allows you to send a message to IO directly from a text on your phone.

For example, you can send a message to update the Lamp feed with the value of ‘off’ by sending lamp, off, and IO will respond with an “OK” if the operation was successful. Similarly, you can send a message of lamp to receive the current value of the Lamp feed.

We also support sending location data, such as feed, value, latitude, longitued, elevation.

The rate limit for this feature is the same rate limit that is in place for the SMS Actions, and currently allows up to 25 messages per day.

You can set this up in your account via the Messaging Power-Up

Locations support to start

Similar to our SMS Actions update, we’re currently supporting USA and Canada.

The reasons for this are mostly around the high variability of the cost of SMS messaging. Our plan is to gradually add more locations.

As always, if you have any suggestions or bugs to report about this update, please let us know in the forums.