IoT Projects

AI-powered E-Ink Newspaper


Hyepaper is an “automatic newspaper in a frame, intended as a decorative piece”. The project scrapes popular websites, has OpenAI’s ChatGPT API summarize the articles, and delivers a “front page” newspaper view to an E-Ink display. -

Robotic AI Bear using ChatGPT


Inspired by “a popular toy in the 1980s called Teddy Ruxpin that would tell stories while making prerecorded robotic gestures and movements”, this project upgrades an off-the-shelf robotic teddy bear to utilize OpenAI’s ChatGPT API to add prompts and tell bedtime stories. Click through the link for a video of this project in action. - Adafruit

14-Segment Display + Boredom = IoT Message Board

messageboard was bored and “had a Raspberry Pi, a bunch of 14-segment displays, and way too much time on my hands”. The result is a 12-character, 14-segment display acting as a message board that can be modified by the Internet. -

Italian Espresso Robot with Live Flow Data


The Gaggia Pro is an excellent espresso machine, except it requires a lot of manual tweaking to perform the functions of a more expensive espresso machine. Nicholas DiPatri modified an Italian espresso machine to execute the steps of an expensive espresso machine (things like modulating brew pressure, dual PID control, auto-shutoff, and more). - Adafruit Blog

IoT News and More!

Over 2,000 devices running WipperSnapper have connected to the No-Code IoT Platform


Over two thousand microcontroller boards have successfully connected and sent data to using our Open-Source WipperSnapper firmware! WipperSnapper is a firmware designed to turn any WiFi-capable board into an Internet-of-Things device without programming a single line of code. WipperSnapper connects to Adafruit IO, a web platform designed (by Adafruit!) to display, respond, and interact with your project’s data. WipperSnapper’s open-source firmware currently supports 22 development boards and 46 components (including various sensors, actuators, LEDs, buttons, and switches)! - Adafruit Blog

The Uninvited Guest: IDORs, Garage Doors, and Stolen Secrets


Sam Sabetan writes about discovering vulnerabilities in Nexx’s smart garage door openers leading to anyone being to open a garage door “belonging to others from anywhere in the world”. - Medium

Designing Accessible IoT Experiences


Smart devices should make everyone’s lives easier. This article dives into how engineers and product designers can build better “smart devices” with accessibility for users with disabilities in mind. - Staceyoniot

Hands-On: Matter beta for Home Assistant


A hands-on review of the Home Assistant project’s Matter support which is currently in beta. - Staceyoniot

Support Adafruit


Here at Adafruit, we sell all of these amazing components, but we couldn’t find a good way to interact with them over the Internet. So, we decided to create our own IoT platform, and that’s Adafruit IO. It’s built from the ground up to be easy to use and platform agnostic (connect any development board or device!). For those who want to get a project off the ground without programming - Adafruit IO offers a No-Code interface for building IoT electronics projects using WipperSnapper, our open-source IoT firmware. Support Adafruit’s open-source development by subscribing to Adafruit IO Plus, the upgraded, all-systems-go version of the Adafruit IO service.