This past month, a lot has been going on with our platform and WipperSnapper firmware – let’s take a look:

🪄 A Better Component Picker

With 81+ components (at the time of writing) supported by Adafruit IO WipperSnapper, we needed a better way to filter through components and parts. As a result of the growing list of components, we’ve redesigned and updated the Adafruit IO component picker. The new component picker performs much better than before, with numerous optimizations under the hood. But by far the biggest addition is search! Knock yourself out searching for various keywords, like:

  • component names: aht20servobuzzerbutton, etc
  • sensor types: lighttemperaturepressurehumidity, etc
  • interface: i2cuartds18x20, etc
  • vendor: AdafruitASAIRInfineonBosch, etc

We’ve also added product and documentation links to every component. The documentation links will often lead to one of our high-quality Learn Guides, terrific! And for folks browsing for components to buy, the product links are a handy shortcut to the Adafruit Shop or wherever the component is sold. If you’d like to see a video of the new component picker in action, you can watch Loren walking through it on a recent episode of Show & Tell! Read more…

🆕 Latest Version of WipperSnapper: WipperSnapper 1.0.0 Beta 74

Adafruit WipperSnapper Firmware 1.0.0 beta 74 has been released on GitHub. This is the latest version of WipperSnapper and a stable release. Read the release notes here…

🚢 “Works with WipperSnapper” - New Sensors for Beta 74

 WipperSnapper Beta 74 launched with support for 6 new sensors:

  • LTR329 Sensor
  • LTR303 Sensors
  • LTR390 Sensor
  • HTU21D/DF
  • TU31D Sensor