Adafruit IO has been growing steadily, and we decided to add a changelog so it’s easier for users to see what we are up to. We will be posting here reguarly whenever we add or update features, and we will also be posting stats so you have more information about the growth of IO.

We have moved IO to a handful of Amazon EC2 instances, and we are finding it much easier to deal with increased load. The individual services are now split out into separate instances, which will allow us to scale horizontally.

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like when we are monitoring the state of the new EC2 instances:

IO on EC2

We have added IO to the Adafruit Status Page, which will allow you to check and see if any of IO’s components are currently down. You can also follow @adafruitstatus if you would like to be notified of outages.

Adafruit Status Page

Here are the stats for the past week:

* 24,290,428 inserts in the last 7 days
* 8,997 users
* ~6,700 online feeds (~18,200 feeds total)
* ~50 inserts per second via MQTT
* ~5 inserts per second via REST API