We’re continuing forward with refactoring our UI so that we can get to a point where it’s easier and quicker to build out new features. The front-end is also going to use the same API V2 that will be the future default API. As another reminder, it would be a good idea to explicitly set ‘/api/v1’ in your paths until you’re ready to upgrade to the ‘/api/v2’.

Stability of the entire system has been an ongoing project for us. We’re getting there, and continue to add more monitoring and fixes to reduce any future downtime.

Also, we’re updating our client libraries with new features and bug fixes. If you haven’t tried out the Go client library, now is a good time! If you have any suggestions for our libraries, please let us know in the forums.

Here are the stats for the past week:

* 35.6 million inserts of logged data in the last 7 days
* 12578 users
* 8,900 online feeds (29554 feeds total)