Here are the stats for the past week:

* 76.4 million inserts of logged data in the last 7 days
* 30,188 users
* 25607 online feeds (88,417 feeds total)

The biggest new feature is a new download system for your data. It’s a more robust way to download your data and doesn’t make you wait for it to complete, along with a few other neat features. If you want to try it out, visit your feed or settings page to download your data.

We’ve also updated our throttling algorithm. Please see this post for more details.

Another update that we can talk about is that we are that we’re currently working on our Ruby and Python client libraries. Porting them to the api v2, and adding new features. If you want to play with alpha/beta code, feel free to check those out in their respective repository and api-v2 branches.

We’re continuing to work on a few major new features, but we aren’t quite ready to talk about them yet.

We’re also responding to issues you may run into on our Adafruit IO Forum. Please post any issues with as much detail as you can. It definitely helps us out when fixing the bugs.

Also, if you’re still using version 1 of our API, you may want to upgrade to the latest version 2. It has more features, and is generally better designed and easier to use than our previous API. The default for our docs is V2 now as well.