Here are the stats for the past week:

* 78.9 million inserts of logged data in the last 7 days
* 30,780 users
* 26300 online feeds (90,680 feeds total)

Since the last state of io post we’ve updated our Adafruit IO Arduino client library. We’ve added a few new features to dashboards, such as customizing buttons with colors, unified throttling with our new throttle, and many fixes behind the scenes as well as issues reported on our forums (thanks!).

We’re also responding to issues you may run into on our Adafruit IO Forum. Please post any issues with as much detail as you can. It definitely helps us out when fixing the bugs.

Also, if you’re still using version 1 of our API, you may want to upgrade to the latest version 2. It has more features, and is generally better designed and easier to use than our previous API. The default for our docs is V2 now as well.